The biggest problem in any business? Managing Cash Flow.

CashFlowMapper helps you solve this problem by:

  • Helping you prepare automated rolling cash flow forecasts – the most powerful cash flow planning tool there is.
  • Allowing you to plan business transactions exactly as they happen in reality – accurately to the day.
  • Telling you in advance when your cash flow is approaching the “comfort level” of cash that you set.
  • Presenting forecasts / plans / budgets in a way anyone, including non-financial people, can understand completely.
  • Giving you complete flexibility to plan across days, weeks, months, years, or any time span.
  • Allowing you to compare possible outcomes simultaneously and explaining each day’s activity in complete detail.

Who is CashFlowMapper suitable for?

  • Business Owners / Managers, Chief Financial Officers, Financial Controllers.
  • Consultants, Business Advisors, Accountants, Bookkeepers.
  • Anyone who needs to be in control of cash flow movements for any purpose.


  • Every kind of business transaction catered for, in the way the transaction actually occurs, making understanding easy.
  • Planned activity is mapped against a minimum or “comfort” cash balance; know when cash shortages or surpluses will occur.
  • Upload, enter, or import data via spreadsheet csv file to create plans. Plans can cover any length of time you wish. Export data for editing & re-uploading, as well as analysis.
  • Easily edit & copy plans for scenario analysis.
  • Merge a number of plans into one; perfect for project-based businesses.
  • Link to selected accounting software packages.
  • Instructions online in text, video and downloadable PDF format.
  • Collaborate with whoever you need to. Your clients or your advisors:
    • On the one subscription, give your team members their own account to work on planning.
    • Invite any number of your advisors (accountant, consultant) or clients to work on plans.


  • Reports can be viewed online, as well as exported for use in hard-copy documents, modelling & analysis.
  • Numerical:
    • Daily balances & movements. Breach of comfort level of cash highlighted. Summed on month-to-date & plan-to-date bases. View daily transactions online. Exportable to spreadsheets.
    • Daily occurrences by transaction. Total movements summed on month-to-date & plan-to-date bases. Exportable to spreadsheets.
  • Graphical:
    • Online daily indicator of cash balance against comfort level of cash.
    • Daily balances & movements mapped against comfort level of cash. Multiple scenarios overlaid for easy comparison. View daily transactions online. Use in hard copy reports.

Data Security

Completely cloud-based – no software to download or maintain. All data secured by 128 bit encrypted SSL channel.

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