Financial Modelling / Customised Business Tools

We all use spreadsheets in our businesses, but too often, they are not as efficient as they should be, and can be dangerous in terms of errors and time wasted.

Solutions4C has the expertise to ensure that the models and tools you use in your business are robust, easy to use, error-free, meaningful, efficient, and enable your business to rely completely on them to provide the information you need to make the right decisions you rely on modelling for.

  • A financial model is merely a complex spreadsheet. This does not mean it has to be complex to use though.
  • It’s a customised tool to make your life easier. It’s effectively a piece of software built exactly how you need it to be built. And if the tool needs to be altered in the future, that’s what we do.
  • In fact, the essence of a quality financial model is that complex and time-consuming calculations and tasks are completed quickly and efficiently with:
    • Minimum knowledge or skills required by the user.
    • Time and cost savings achieved due to data entry (and therefore the risk of error) minimised or eliminated.

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A model does not have to be for accounting purpose. See below for the types of tools Solutions4C has produced; some of them are for accounting purposes, but many aren’t. Almost always, tools are developed from scratch for each client’s needs.

Accounting Models

  • Automated Board & Management Reports with numerical and graphical components.
    • Traditional financial statements reported against budgets with variances highlighted and colour-coded.
    • Any business / industry-specific KPIs, including non-financial ones catered for.

Our experience covers many industries, reporting KPIs both financial and non-financial, and presenting the report in whatever format is required in order to talk your readers’ language.

  • Automated Budgeting & Forecasting Tools with numerical and graphical components.
  • End-of-Month / Accounting Compliance:
    • Depreciation Schedules.
    • Loan / Bill Schedules.
    • Prepayments Schedules.

Non-Accounting Models

Examples of customised models we’ve built include the following.

  • Lease Deal Analysis Tool with alerts and highlights for action.
  • Building Maintenance Schedule with alerts for action.
  • Stock Ordering Tool.
  • Vehicle Maintenance Checklist.
  • Expense Report.
  • Anything you need built!

We are experienced in techniques to ensure your raw accounting or other system data is easily convertible into usable form where the need arises. This saves a lot of time and reduces the possibility of errors.

Let us:

  • Make spreadsheets work for you, not the other way around.
  • We use industry-standard practice when building models.

Note that we are not programmers. If any modelling project requires Visual Basic (the language behind Excel) programming, we’ll advise as such.

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