CFO Services

All businesses need to know where they’ve been (past performance) and where they are going (forecasting future activity).

Solutions4C has vast experience and expertise in the following areas, across all types of organisations from family businesses, small and large private companies, listed and unlisted public companies, Australian and foreign-based, and Not-for-Profits.

  • Management account design and preparation.
  • Annual report design and presentation.
  • Budgeting and forecasting – process and reporting.
  • Co-ordination and leading of budget and end-of-year reporting activities.
  • Accounting system selection, implementation and testing.
  • Finance policy and procedure writing, implementation, and staff training.
  • Preparation of tenders, financing and grant applications.
  • Supplier negotiation and selection: bankers, insurers, bookkeepers, communications, IT, car fleets, logistics providers. These are just some of the suppliers we’ve dealt with in the past.
  • Liaison with auditors, lawyers, tax professionals, government bodies or others as required.

We can provide all of the above services, as a complete outsourced service, or work with your existing in-house team or service providers. We provide the solution that suits you. We can operate remotely or on-site as required.

We can provide general consulting services across a wide range of business functions. This is done via our access to a network of executive-level professionals operating across all business functions. We can generally source the expertise that you need to solve your specific business problem. Let us tailor a solution for your unique business issue.

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Solutions4C is your one-stop shop for outsourced CFO and Company Secretarial services.